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Corey R Jackson “ CaliCore3 “

San Diego, CA 92109

805 540 8234 Direct




First of all, if you are not already aware, my name is Corey R Jackson.


I am a 41 year young “Eco-Preneur” based here in beautiful San Diego CA. Which also happens to be 20 mins from Corporate of which myself & my team have exclusive & open access to those at the top including but not limited to : Larry / Jodi Mckinney, Charles Thompson, Dave “JunkMd”, Jim Bunch & even the CEO himself Jonathan Budd (JB).


As many of you are already aware, over the past 6 to 8 months myself & my partners have been actively and diligently working alongside the revolutionary first of it’s kind “Crowd Sharing” technology platform specifically designed to both “DISRUPT & DECENTRALIZE” our current power monopolies.


POWUR is that platform.


Those who are included in this platform have either opened, opted-in or submitted your information in order to learn more regarding this unique & potentially very profitable new opportunity.


My intention behind this email is simply to introduce myself & guide you through the process of becoming either an adviser / advocate for Powur or if you see the full potential (and I am sure that in time you will) to become a full fledged partner with me in this endeavor to make an impact from the highest perspective of a Triple Bottom Line Approach.






Before I go any further I’d like to offer you the opportunity to speak with me openly, directly & personally.

Feel free to also Google search my full name Corey R Jackson or my Username / Handle ” CaliCore3 ”

You may find a few nuggets of information & background on who I am.


Then go ahead & pick up that cell phone of yours or dial me in on Skype or pick up a tin can with a string & reach out : )

805 540 8234 Cell

CaliCore3 Skype


Perfect, now onto the next 2 steps in this process.

With this, I would be more than happy to either guide you through it or if you’d like go ahead & do it for you.


1: Register here first as a FREE Advocate for Powur.

This will allow you to refer homeowners to a FREE 0 Down Solar Consultation with one of our many providers across the Country & rapidly expanding Nationally.When you register as an advocate from the above link. You will then be able to generate personal appointment & installation revenue.


2: Upon completion of this step you will then be brought to a “WELCOME” page ( example link here @ )

You will receive your Welcome email promptly & will be asked to set up your Username & Password for the Powur Dashboard.


However !


You are not ( YET ) a Full Fledged Partner.


Please read through the many benefits of becoming a Partner & Powur Adviser from this page. (again an example link is here


And, if you have not yet watched the overview video for both professionals & for the general public, please take 15 minutes of your valuable time to review both videos here:


I truly hope that after these two videos, the welcome email, the FREE advocate sign up offer & after speaking with myself personally or with one of my team members . . .

You Will See The True Value In What & How We Are Doing What We Are Doing.


Ask yourself this, ” What would it cost to start, own, operate, build & maintain your very own Renewable Energies business ? ”

For those of you on this email list who are already business owners or entrepreneurs or have looked into this in the past.

I am sure you’ve got a fairly good idea that it is a very significant investment in capital, time & energy.


Here with us @ Powur You can have this all for a ONE TIME price right now of 499.00 $

That’s it.

There’s my pitch.


If you’r truly ready to get rocking & rolling with myself & my TEAM here is your direct registration link.

Go ahead & click it.

Review it, study it, research it & the



Questions, Comments, Concerns ?

Anything At All

I am here for YOU



Corey R Jackson ” CaliCore3 ”

From The Core Media dot Com

FB / Twitter / LinkedIn / Google / etc. etc. etc.





805 540 8234



Once Again Your First & Free Step Is Here

Now At


Until next my friends & potential Powur Partners.

Truly looking forward to making a difference.



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